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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


So much can be said for how the internet has woven its tiny web-like fingers into our lives. Not a day goes by where I don't do something online, either checking my mail or RSS feeds, visiting the time suckage that is Facebook, or working on homework for my online class. We are inundated daily with our favorite news announcers directing us to someone's site like they are guiding lemmings off a cliff. And it seems like daily, I am using some source or another to fact-check some outrageous claim from a chain email my grandmother sent me on how Al Qaeda is trying to infiltrate our government through grocery store coupons.

The internet has come a long way in the last ten years. I remember the good old days of grabbing as many free cd's from the grocery store to get airtime from AOL in order to check my email on dial-up. Then, it was just 20 minutes to connect and download three emails, all from friends you talked to daily who, like you, are just agog at the novelty of writing a letter without having to use postage!

Today, we are dependent on the internet. We feed off of it's power to connect us with anything, anywhere, anytime. I can go to GAP or Ann Taylor if insomnia prevails, or I can catch up on my favorite TV shows when i have a free 20 minutes between classes. The wonders never cease when it comes to the loving tentacles of the internet weaving their way through your life, grabbing on and never letting go.

So here is to the internet! The ever evolving stronghold on our lives.

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