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Monday, June 28, 2010


I am new to this, so bear with me. I guess I should start a the beginning and let you know who I am, how I go here and my objective for this blog. Since blogging is an animal of sorts, the last should be ever evolving.

I am a full time student in Keller, TX, a suburb of Fort Worth. I what they call, "non-traditional", since I am no longer in my 20's. It's sad to me, but there are some great advantages! For one thing, I get to wear my own clothes to school and not PJ's (though some would argue that sweat pants could second as pajamas), I shower and brush my teeth before class and I actually study. Yes, you can say that this is a gross generalization of traditional students, but it could be argued that to them I have no life. They picture me watching dancing with the stars beside my 20 cats and eating Ben and Jerry's straight from the carton (only one of those is true). To them, i am also the know it all who sits at the front of the class and wrecks the curve. So there. :) 

What brought me here? I was working at a super great job. After 10 years, I was moving from a stalled location on one of the bottom rungs at jet packed speed to one of the upper rungs that was way over my head. The corporate life was great, though I desperately wanted something that would make a difference in my community and my life. Then it the pack ran out of fuel - I was laid off. In an economy that had tanked as quickly as I had, it was terrifying.

Once I realized i had survived the impact, I knew I only had one option: to complete my degree and do what i was born to - Teach Junior High.

So welcome to my journey. About a year into it and i am still alive. I hope you will be pleased as i share some of my misadventures, some insight and some of my favorite stress reliefs.

Happy Learning!

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